Redolent Music

Brand identity design, 2020

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Redolent (def): strongly reminiscent or suggestive of. Generally referring to scents.

Redolent is a very cool new music label, with a focus on organic and ancient rythms. 

The idea was to appeal to the sense of smell, which, just as music does, connects us to places and people, to special memories that we have in our minds and souls.

After a brainstorming session with the clients (who shall remain anonymous for now), we came to the conclusion that flowers and plants are elements that we instantly associate with smells and scents, and are key ingredients in the creation of any fragrance. That is why I chose a Ginkgo leaf as a starting point to design the graphic elements of Redolent's brand. The leaf has been heavily abstracted and turned into a seal, which plays nicely with the concept of a 'label'.

Redolent es una nueva discográfica que se identifica con melodías orgánicas y ritmos ancestrales 

La idea es que la marca se asocie al sentido del olfato, que nos conecta -igual que la música - a recuerdos de momentos especiales.

Tras un brainstorming con los clientes (¡que de momento son sorpresa!), llegamos a la conclusión de que las plantas y flores son los elementos que más asociamos con olores y fragancias. Una hoja de Ginkgo, representada de forma geométrica y abstracta, se presenta en un círculo como 'sello' para este sello discográfico.

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